Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Address Alert Enrollment

Get PSPS Alerts for a Specific Address

Sign up to receive alerts from SCE about Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) for a specific address.

Why should I sign up for these alerts?

These alerts will notify you about possible PSPS events for the requested address. They may be helpful when you want to stay informed about an address other than your primary residence.

For example, you may want to sign up for this type of alert if:

  • Your landlord or property manager is the account holder for your electric service.
  • You provide support for someone who needs electricity for medical needs, but you do not have access to their SCE account information.
  • You or your organization provide critical care or services dependent on electricity.
  • You are in the area for a vacation or business.

Only addresses which may be affected by PSPS and enrolled for these alerts will be notified.

Enroll All Devices

When you enroll, you are confirming that you understand and agree to the following:

  • SCE reserves the right to notify the account holder that you have enrolled to receive alerts for this address.
  • You are authorized to enroll the phone number(s) you provide.
  • The enrollment overrides previous "do not contact" requests made to SCE.
  • Note that standard message and data rates apply.

Get Outage Notifications for Your Address

If you have an SCE account, you can sign up and manage your outage alert preferences to receive notifications about power outages that may affect your address specifically. These alerts include information for all types of outages (maintenance, repair, rotating, and PSPS).

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